Carinne TURNER #8

Photo de Carinne TURNER #8 Passeuse Taille 1m81 Bras Droit Date de naissance 1996-03-28 Nationalité Américaine

Quel bilan de cette saison 2018-2019 ?
The 2018-2019 season was an amazing experience for me because it was my first season playing in Europe. I enjoyed spending so much time with the girls and I believe the team played well throughout the year and only at the end we just missed going to play offs because of some bad circumstances.

Ton meilleur souvenir ?
My best memory from last season would be when we beat Marcq-en-Baroeul to get into the semi finals of the French Cup

S’il n’y avait qu’un regret… 
If there was only one regret it would be not making it to the playoffs in regular season.

La qualité première de ton équipe ?
The quality of the team was amazing. Everyone on the team was so wonderful, helpful, and happy to be there any play with each other. It is rare to find a team like that.

La dernière marche pour les play-offs a été ratée, explication ?
We missed playoffs simply because Marcq out played us in the final match. We were comfortable just winning two sets and they had more fire in them to win the whole match.

Le club t’a fait confiance pour une nouvelle année et tu as décidé de rester Mariannes : pourquoi ?
I believe that the Mariannes have a great road ahead of them and I want to be part of the journey that brings them to the top of the league.

Si tu disposais d’une baguette magique quel 1er souhait réaliserais-tu ?
My wish would be to be able to travel through time at will.

Un objectif pour 2019-2020 même si tu ne connais pas l’équipe à ce jour ?
A goal for next season would be to go to playoffs and to have a team with good chemistry on and off the court so it is enjoyable to play and spend time with everyone.

Et PARIS ville lumière….comment s’est  passé ton séjour ? Quelles différences avec ce que tu as connu chez toi aux USA ? 
Life in Paris was wonderful. There was always so much to do and see because the city is so @big and had so many treasures to find. One of the main differences in Paris from the USA was how many people there are walking around all the time, I come from a more quiet city so that was a lot to get used to. Another difference is the type of food that Paris has to offer, there are so many different things to try and I was happy to try many foods for the first time while I was there.

Quelle question aurais-tu aimé que l’on te pose et qu’aurais-tu répondu ?
 “It does not mater how slowly you go so long as you do not stop” – Confucius